2017 Speakers

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Speaker 2017
Sherry Finzer is a Contemporary Instrumental flutist, composer, and performer, specialing in New Age and Healing music. As a performer on the Heart Dance Records labels, she has won several awards for her music.
Speaker 2017
Elena is changing the face of Arts in Arizona by spearheading the efforts in developing relationships through networking and partnering with local Non-Profit organizations that will bridge resources and forge collaborations with individuals, public, private and government organizations and agencies, educational institutions, business community to reach their goals, objectives and ultimately establish and sustain a multi-cultural arts and performing arts facility.
CEO Rising Tycoons
#Next After TEDx: the interview with Alysia about Olenka's life post TEDx. We spend a lot of our lives preparing to live, waiting for the perfect moment and circumstances. Truth is, all great innovators have the courage to enter situations unprepared because one cannot prepare for the unknown. Much of Olenka's success is attributed to that quality of starting first, unprepared. Much of her educational methods for youth are driven by breaking a societal stigma to wait to start something you love doing until you are ready. So you can prepare to change the world, or you can instead, change the world.
CEO and Chief StoryTeller
Doug Stevenson is the CEO of Story Theater International, a Tucson, Arizona based speaking, training and consulting firm. He is the creator of The Story Theater Method and a master storyteller and storytelling in business speaker, trainer and coach.
Speaker 2017
Hiba DuVal is an up and coming social activist scientist pursuing change at the young age of a Millenial. An Arizona resident passionate about building healthy lives for Arizona's children and families she actively fostered positive progress while working as a family liason in the last few years during college. Currently Hiba is pursuing graduate education to better serve her community and stand in the gap.
Speaker 2017
Jennifer R Hudye is a 23-year-old millennial entrepreneur and owner of a marketing agency that helps the top online thought leaders execute their messaging and marketing. A common question she gets asked, “How do we connect with millennials?” Jennifer’s is going to reveal her surprising response.
2017 Speaker
Blaine is the Founder & CEO of Selfluence, a Mastermind Group Leader and President of the Arizona Marketing Association.
Speaker 2017
Jessica Knoles is a health & wellness advocate. Having personally experienced the deep correlation between physical and mental strength, she has made it her mission empowering others to live and feel unstoppable.