Coaching the Speaker


Coaching The Speaker


“I found myself excited to be in front of two gentlemen whose messages will not only empower their communities but the generations to come.” – Chris Aird

How do I know this? Well, I am their Coach. Let me share with you a glimpse of what this means.

I feel each Speaker starts at the invitation into their journey and individual visions with me. I sit and imagine myself sitting among the other audience members listening to their passion, purpose, and life’s work. Intentionally, I observe their ticks. That is to say their heart direction, what makes them wake up in the morning (I often ask this exact question), continue moving forward, and how do they leave a legacy. From here I am going to take my observations and learning to create a plan to enhance the TEDx Talk for the Speaker.

The TEDx Speakers at TEDxFountainHillsSalon are Marshall Shore, Taryl Hansen, Elena Thornton, and Brad Snyder. These are the clients for 2016. Most often listening to individuals or reading what they wrote in preparation to speak to an audience is a process.  This process is a positive approach in removing obstacles, dealing with life, asking pin-pointed and key questions as well as offering advice. Watching body language and more importantly, facial expressions light up when sharing passion, their cause, and grand journeys provides a glimpse of why these TEDx Talks are on this specific stage! Then the magic happens! Connection between Coach and Speaker emerges when hearts and messages merge. Then the deal is sealed when one hears the response “this is what I’ve got!”. My greatest honor is to actually watch the Speakers present their “Talk” before the official date.  Being the Coach before the big day allows me to experience a greater and deeper connection on an emotional level to the ideas.   

Chris and his Team are passionate about encouraging, educating and empowering people and teams to be their best.  This passion is why Chris started With Purpose and is why he continues to influence countless leaders.

In addition to a MA in Organizational Leadership, he draws from over 25 years of leadership experience which includes 6 years of service in the U.S. Navy, seven years as an Executive Director in a not-for-profit organization and currently teaches his passion in a formal classroom setting at Grand Canyon University.

He uses a collaborative approach with companies and people to help them determine their various forms of communication, business plans, vision/goals.  Then within this process, identify and implement the plan to help them achieve the vision for their professional and personal lives. His areas of expertise include: communication, speaker, organizational development, organizational change, succession planning, individual/team coaching, team-building, leadership development, leadership retreats, and recruiting of leadership.

#TEDxFH See you soon!

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