Hiba DuVal 2017 TEDxFH Speaker

TEDxFountainHills welcomes Hiba Duval to the 2017 Speaker Lineup.

TEDxFountainHills Talk: Let Your Lives Collide

Hiba DuVal

Hiba DuVal is an up and coming social scientist pursuing change at the young age of a Millenial. An Arizona resident passionate about building healthy lives for Arizona’s children and families she actively fostered positive progress while working as a family liaison and interning with multiple agencies in the last year during college. Currently Hiba is pursuing graduate education to better serve her community and stand in the gap.

We can’t wait to hear her on January 28, 2017 at the Fountain Hills High School. Such an inspiring story to share in a local school hall. Actually a perfect place for this story of hope and future for the foster children of America. Just wait and see one day Hiba will see her dream of “Let Your Lives Collide”

Tickets: https://squareup.com/store/dqd-inc-2 pre sale is only $25 for 2 more days…

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