Jennifer Hudye 2017 TEDxFH Speaker

TEDxFountainHills welcomes Jennifer Hudye to the 2017 Speaker Lineup.

TEDxFountainHills Talk: An Open Conversation On How To Really Connect & Motivate Millennials (From a Millennial)

A common question that I get asked by my clients, “How do I connect with and motivate Millennials?”

Many have a negative perception of the age group: entitled, lazy, unfocused, and unmotivated are a few of the buzzwords. But yet, many want to learn how to connect and be marketed to. The truth is you don’t need to spend boatloads of money on all the latest technology and social media to be relevant with these Gen Y’ers. In this very open and vulnerable talk, you will discover how to really connect with millennials in a way that makes them receptive to your message…from a millennial marketer.

Jennifer Hudye

Jennifer R Hudye is a 23-year-old millennial entrepreneur and owner of a marketing agency called ConsciousCopy.Co where they help the top online thought leaders and experts execute on their messaging, copywriting, and marketing. They are known for being the marketing wizards behind 6 and 7 figure launches for the biggest names in the industry. She’s part of some of the highest level marketing and entrepreneurial groups and has been an entrepreneur all her life.

This is going to be an amazing Talk!

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