Jessica Knoles 2017 TEDxFH Speaker

TEDxFountainHills welcomes Jessica Knoles to the 2017 TEDXFH Speaker Lineup.

TEDxFountainHills Talk: The Power of a Healthy Self Image: Starting from the Time We’re Children 

Jessica Knoles

After experiencing her own lifestyle transformation, Jessica Knoles has been dedicated to helping people live a healthier life physically and mentally. From struggling with weight and self-image to loving every single thing about herself, Jessica has mastered a strategy to help people all over the world start loving themselves as well. She graduated with her degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University and plans to continue motivating others through programs, books, and seminars.

Jessica Knoles, at age 23, is the CEO of I Am Totally Fit, a company designed to help change people’s lives physically and mentally. Both of her parents owned businesses and instilled in her the value of a good work ethic. She spent most of high school helping them with finances and marketing. At age 9, she started her first “business”— a dog walking company. You should have seen the business cards! She took this work-ethic with her throughout high school, college, and in the early stages of her business empowered by a healthy self-image and unstoppable passion to continue inspiring people to create an active, healthy lifestyle.

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