Why TEDxFountainHills Speaker Olenka Cullinan Wants You to Stop Overpreparing Phoenix New Times

If the phrase “you’re trying too hard” sounds like a logical reason for failure, then the theme of Rising Tycoons CEO Olenka Cullinan’s TEDx may not seem counterintuitive at all.

Phoenix New Times , http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/arts/why-tedx-fountain-hills-speaker-olenka-cullinan-wants-you-to-stop-overpreparing-9009625

TEDxFH is honored to have Olenka interviewed by such an accomplished writer as Colleen. Moonlighting for such as Channel 8 her new journey has taken its spin into a Phoenix New Times fashion!

This article on the next Talk Olenka is unveiling on her journey to her greatest self really challenges us in our being to #stopoverpreparing.

This last year Brad Snyder asked us to #stopinnovating@VisionswithPurpose. His Talk will be pre-released at Main Stage Endless Visions 2017 this Saturday January 28, 2017.

“We often wait for that perfect moment in life — how we prepare for everything,” says Cullinan. “We want it to be perfect before we launch a company or start a new opportunity, but in reality, life is never perfect. So if you start first — start making decisions, stop waiting for the perfect moment, and jump into opportunities, that’s how your life changes. Not by sitting and outlining a perfect plan and perfect timing. For most of my life, including this company that I’m running, I’ve never started anything at a perfect time. I’ve never come prepared.”

Rising Tycoons Academy’s 16-week intensive program culminates in students giving three-minute pitches Shark Tank-style to local CEOs and other top executives. At the end of each session, one cash prize of up to $700 is awarded to support implementation of the winning student’s business idea.”

WHY are our Speakers asking us to #stop ?? I believe it is because there is a place to be still and just come from trusting we have everything we need to make the best decision, a next step or lend a helpful hand. So #stop

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